Topic Flight to the Moon
  Flug zum Mond 
  The flight to the moon and the planets of the solar system is again a goal pursued by many today. The earlier Apollo missions were 50 years ago a demanding task. Today we have much better IT systems - but the planned current flights to our neighboring planets have not become easier.

In this post, a rocket / satellite is supposed to fly from an orbit around the earth to the moon and back. The task in itself appears simple. But nevertheless the necessary iteration of the path calculation of this three-body problem with the Runge-Kutta method has its challenge

After all, a system of equations for six satellite target quantities (location, speed and acceleration in the x-y coordinates will be calculated approx. 32,000 times in a 4-stage approximation process.

Presentation You will find enclosed a 10-page description of the "Flight to the Moon" with approx. 2 MB
Data In addition there is an Excel data sheet (Fligt to the Moon) with all calculations and graphics.
Notes Sorry: the attached material is up to now only available in German language.
Status: January 2021