This is My INTernet Homepage for
Mathematic & Informatics in Nature and Technique


MINT gadgetary mathematics informatics nature technique 

This web page is still under construction - sorry, not everything is already in English language available.

Here you can find my computational gimmicks (collected over the years) about this and that - what is floating around in an engineering mind. There is no logic in the selection - it was calculated what just piqued my interest. From simple games to the recalculation (with modern means) of my old student work from 1974 (today one would say - the Bachelor thesis) at the Technical University of Berlin.

Just take a look at the table of contents on the left, select a topic and click - and you will find the topic briefly presented on a page. Details are compiled in a detailed presentation or report and available as a file with the calculation bases.

Have fun browsing and wondering (about others)